Game Of Thrones: Conquest Apk v1.11.230818 Latest Version For Android

Game Of Thrones: Conquest Apk v1.11.230818 Latest Version For Android

Here is we discussed Game Of Thrones: Conquest Apk v1.11.230818 Latest Version For AndroidGame of Thrones: Conquest is a strategy game where players get together with one of the decision houses in Westeros, the fictional mainland where Game of Thrones takes place. Your mission is to pick a side and battle for the crown, nails and tooth if require be.In this post we able to download Game Of Thrones: Conquest Apk v1.11.230818 Latest Version For Android

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Game Of Thrones: Conquest Apk v1.11.230818 Latest Version For Android

Gameplay in Game of Thrones: Conquest according to usual inside this kind: in your city you’ll develop distinctive sorts of structures, necessary to obtain raw materials and different assets. For example, you’ll require farms to deliver grain and feed your troops. In any case, you also require a fortress to enroll said troops.

From the game’s general map, you can take a glance at other players’ urban communities, or send to your armies out to battle against different houses or against fearsome foes like the White Walkers. In addition, you’ll fashion alliances with different players and share the boot of your rewards.

Game of Thrones: Conquest Apk is an entertaining management strategy game, which obviously will be especially popular among fans of the popular TV appear. The game itself has the official permit and this is noticeable both in its soundtrack and cameos by many of today’s best stars.

For fans of the film, Game of Thrones: Conquest is the official game based on the motion picture, made by Warner Bros. In the category of strategy and development, Game of Thrones: Conquest ™ will take you to the universe of majesty, which is overwhelmed in battles between the forces, everybody wants the most elevated rank has a place with themselves and get the Iron Throne. The mission is set, you will be transformed into a talented general, with the mission of vanquishing 7 kingdoms, battling for the Iron Throne and to do that, you have to manufacture your own kingdom, fortify and train the army to counter attacks from all adversaries.

You will start the game with the assistance of Daenerys Targaryen, she is the main daughter and the most youthful child of King Aerys II Targaryen, “Mad King” and his significant other, Rhaella. Her father passed on in the days of Sack of King’s Landing before she was conceived. In her words, King’s Landing is where you can overcome all Westeros, and this is the place cannot fall into the hands of others. It’s one of your last two goals: King’s Landing and Iron Throne

In the game of thrones you win or you die. – Cersei Lannister

-Become a lord of Westeros: Build your great house create your sigil and master the strategy as you Fight for the Crown to rule the realm
-Interact with key characters from the hit HBO series including Jon Snow Daenerys Targaryen Petyr Baelish Cersei Lannister and more.
-Conquer 120+ iconic Seats of Power like Winterfell Castle Black Dragonstone and King’s Landing
-Live out your fantasy of claiming the Iron Throne and winning the Great War as you navigate the dangerous political landscape using the innovative Allegiance System

It’s the family name that lives on. It’s all that lives on. – Tywin Lannister

-Build your house and rule your territory to rise in political influence
-Raise your army and clash against rival lords to capture iconic Seats of Power in an epic fantasy
-Defend your strongholds as each Seat of Power endows you with military and economic upgrades for your kingdom
-Conquer the map clash with your enemies and spread your influence in this strategy game based on the hit HBO series

Fight every battle everywhere always in your mind. Everyone is your enemy everyone is your friend. – Petyr Baelish

-Master the strategy of the innovative social system that allows players to recruit bannermen fight wars alongside your allies and live out your fantasy of being a lord ruling The Seven Kingdoms
-Claim the Iron Throne – In a dynamic political world choose between deception and loyalty dragons or rewards as you shift your allegiances and clash with foes just like in the hit HBO series
-Reward those loyal to you with titles like Hand of the King and Master of Coin as you build your Small Council in Game of Thrones: Conquest
-Bestow Seats of Power to your allies granting them special military and economic advantages to battle and conquer

Only in Game of Thrones: Conquest can you become a lord of Westeros and navigate the dangerous political system as you Fight for the Crown. Build an army and master the strategy of battle. Interact with key characters and conquer iconic locations from the award winning HBO TV series. Dominate your enemies by using an innovative Allegiance System that allows you to recruit your friends as bannermen as you rise in a war to take The Iron Throne rule The Seven Kingdoms and awake the dragons.


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