GO Launcher Z Prime VIP Apk v3.04 Full Premium Theme For Android

GO Launcher Z Prime VIP Apk v3.04 Full Premium Theme For Android

Here is we discussed GO Launcher Z Prime VIP Apk v3.04 Full Premium Theme For Android. GO Launcher Prime VIP is outstanding amongst another Android launcher. This launcher is more intelligent and Styles with bunches of highlights. The new form of GO Launcher Z with fresh out of the box new subjects and backdrops HD 365 days. To enhance your screen, and gadgets, signals, and numerous devices are perfect for your cell phone gives movement. In this way, Download GO Launcher Prime VIP 2.34 presently appreciate All Features opened + No ADS. In this post we able to download GO Launcher Z Prime VIP Apk v3.04 Full Premium Theme For Android

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GO Launcher Z Prime VIP Apk v3.04 Full Premium Theme For Android Free Download

GO Launcher FX is an application that will essentially change the presence of the working arrangement of your Android gadget, making it significantly more beautiful, more pleasant and furthermore more sensible and instinctive in a portion of its projects.

The application will enable you to effectively change the ‘topic’, having the capacity to browse a variety of alternatives by the pinch of a catch. Likewise you will have the capacity to change the part of the distinctive screens like the greater part of the symbols that you may have in the diverse work areas.

A portion of the subjects in the work areas will enable you to, for instance, arrange your symbols around to get to them by turning them and investigating them. Different choices will permit you alter the speed of the removal of the screens or a portion of the choices that will permit you do the majority of this with your fingers.

GO Launcher FX is an application that is extremely entire to offer air to the distinctions in your Android terminal. On the off chance that you likewise consolidate a portion of the instruments of the GO hardware, you will have the capacity to get a genuinely individual Android terminal.

Reviving look and Clean Interface

Android is all the on every one of the gadgets yet all the Android telephones from different organizations are diverse in light of the fact that they put an additional layer over it to influence it to appear to be unique and usable.

Be that as it may, you dislike it what is there on every other telephone, GoLauncher empowers you to make a novel look by giving you a chance to pick diverse settings for the look of your telephone. (within it clearly)

You can change the textual styles, symbols estimate, name hues, framework sizes and so forth to give it a totally extraordinary look. You can likewise introduce the Themes accessible in the Go Launcher store, you may require a few credits to empower the topic.

By and by, I didn’t discover any topic valuable as it’s simply a few changes you can make it yourself from the settings zone. The default look of GoLauncher looks wonderful in any case. What we need is additional usefulness which we will discuss in whatever remains of this article.

Make it look and feel fast with transitions

One of the options, you will find in the settings is the Transitions, it’s the way you want your phone’s software to move into different sections. Like, going to the app drawer from the home screen, moving to the next screen etc.

It gives the software a feeling that you can see the software behaving on your taps. It looks nice and the phone feels fast. You can set it anything you like or copy mine.

Smart Gestures to Launch Your Favourite Apps

Smart gestures are one of my favorite features of Go Launcher, you can ask your phone to complete an action for a particular gesture, for example, I have two finger swipe up for WhatsApp and two-finger swipe down for Trell, both apps that I use a lot. you can set any app/shortcut you want.

Search any app with just a Swipe

This feature, in continuation with Gestures, is helpful in finding any app you want with a single swipe down. Keep the search bar configured to one of the gestures to access it fast. By default, it’s swipe down. Which works well for me.

Lock Edits to Keep Kids from Messing Your Apps up

If you have a kid at home who takes your phone for something and then you have to spend few minutes to rearranging the icons on the home screen, you will love this feature, It locks the edits, meaning, the App icons on the home screen or App drawer will not move, unless you unlock the lock from the Go Launcher settings.

To Use Go Launcher so that Kids won’t mess things up, read this guide.

Double Tap to Lock & Turn Off the screen

People with bigger phones, (5.2inch or more) know the struggle of locking their phone as the lock button is beyond the reach of their hands unless they are Big Show or some other WWE wrestler.

How about double tap to lock your phone and turn the screen off? Yes, it’s a feature I use and love it. You have to install the lock screen app additionally which is like some 500kb in size.

Hide Apps from App Drawer

Okay, do you have some apps install that you don’t want anyone to see? Well, I am talking about the bloatware your phone carrier or the manufacturer has installed that, for some reasons, can not be uninstalled. Well, Hide them. It’s easy.

Examples: You can hide the Lock screen app icon, settings, random widgets that come along with Go Launcher and other apps to make keep your app drawer organized.

 Prime Features 

☆ Remove Ads to ensure pure & clean user interface
☆ 6+ Transition animations to show off & wow your friends
3D transition: cloth, crystal, snake; crossfade, fly-in, curve, page turn
☆ Security lock to lock apps & protect privacy
☆ Wallpaper filters enable you to transform every moment into arts
☆ Side dock to switch between running tasks
☆ More gestures to quickly access to apps, contacts, settings
Swipe up, rotate CCW, and rotate CW
☆ More is coming


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