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King Of Avalon: Dragon Warfare Apk Mod v4.9.4 (Latest Version) Android

King Of Avalon: Dragon Warfare Apk Mod
King Of Avalon: Dragon Warfare Apk Mod

let’s have a look at King Of Avalon: Dragon Warfare Apk Mod, Lord of Avalon: Dragon Warfare is an administration and procedure diversion where you rule over a little kingdom that is developing little by little until the point when it turns into a genuine realm. Be that as it may, this won’t be simple. You’ll have to deal with every one of your assets extremely well to enable your kingdom to thrive. At the end of the post we able to download King Of Avalon: Dragon Warfare Apk Mod v4.9.4 (Latest Version) Android

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King Of Avalon: Dragon Warfare Apk Mod v4.9.4 (Latest Version) Android

The ongoing interaction in King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare Apk Mod is basic: you need to develop and enhance the structures in your kingdom with the target of getting more assets and influencing your kingdom to develop. To do this, you’ll require ranches, mines, sleeping shelter, stables, bars, and numerous different structures. You’ll require sustenance, wood, and gold to keep your realm above water.

King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare MOD – Play the amusement and partake in the fight for the crown. Erect claim royal residence, and the entire city. Lift the entire domain. Assemble a multitude of bowmen and valiant knights. Develop your very own mythical beast and burn everything in their way. Battle against different players, win the beasts and ground-breaking supervisors, make coalitions entirety. Vanquish the world ourselves

The administration of the realm is critical, however you additionally need to focus on something similarly essential: war. In King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare, you can select bunches of various kinds of troops, yet the one that will have the greatest effect is the winged serpent. You can even customize your winged serpent, including a wide range of one of a kind capacities that you can use to crush adversary settlements. Knights, toxophilite, and launches will likewise be fundamental in the event that you need to win.

King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare is a superb system amusement with quite great illustrations and a gigantic assortment of substance. On account of unions with different players, you can likewise make companions and join powers against more grounded adversaries.

Do you play war recreations? Appreciate free web-based diversions? At that point set yourself up! The most smoking allowed to play multiplayer war session of 2017 is here! Lord Arthur’s demise has left a vacant position of royalty. Raise your winged serpent and fabricate your armed force in the journey to lift Excalibur and turn into the following King of Avalon. In this mythical beast war, your strong winged serpent is the way to decide your kingdom. Remain alive by fashioning collusions with your companions and fabricate a realm together. This is a round of rulers caught in a session of war. Will’s identity successful in this conflict of rulers?


King Of Avalon: Dragon Warfare Apk Mod Features :

  • War! All over the place. You and your partners should be set up for a conflict of families. Develop your bases and build up your armed forces – you’re by all account not the only ones with eyes on the honored position!
  • Partnerships! No man is an island. Regardless of whether you’re reviving against a GvE Barbarian pioneer or walking at a PvP spook, you’ll require partners you can trust.
  • Mythical serpents! An incredible weapon of mass demolition. By what method will you prepare yours?
  • Talk! Simple interpretation include brings a huge number of players from around the globe together in real-time.
  • Methodology! Get the edge through research and ace destroying abilities. Know when to be undetectable and when to arrange an attack!
  • Building! Fabricate the establishments of an Empire solid enough to get by in a mythical serpent fire war zone!
  • Epic Fantasy! The Camelot Legend lives. Magnificent beasts and HD designs to dribble over. Presently play the King of web-based recreations, King of Available

Download King Of Avalon: Dragon Warfare Apk Mod :

Mod Version Coming Soon:


  • Decent Graphics
  • Stunning War Game
  • Cool Features to Have Fun
  • Fascinating Storyline of Gameplay


  • Difficult to Obtain Equipment Material
  • Difficult to Obtain Gold

Step by step Instructions To Play

There are numerous tips you can take as a make a beeline for play King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare for Android. Among the tips, you have to overhaul your fortification to open essential structures and structures later on. Make a point to utilize your assets productively by stacking it when you are disconnected and utilizing it when on the web.

Set up your barrier in the same class as feasible for it can take out foes as well. Get the correct monster for it is the way to decide the kingdom. Pick what’s the power in your interactivity and you will do fine and dandy when playing.


Soul Altar: Summon ground-breaking Spirits, hold Ceremonies, and host Celebrations for a lot of rich prizes at this new Alliance building!

  • New Mega Rally: Lead a Mega Rally and spread your advantages to all troops that join!
  • New Mega Garrison: Activate a Mega Garrison to give all garrisoned troops your advantages.