Medals of War v1.5.40 Apk Free Download For Android

Medals of War v1.5.40 Apk Free Download For Android

Here is we discussed Medals of War v1.5.40 Apk Free Download For AndroidMedals of War is a RTS battle diversion like Clash Royale and others. You will likely send your armed force to obliterate the adversary base. Obviously, if your adversary figures out how to crush yours first, you lose.Gameplay is practically the same as Clash Royale: you send your troops inside your zone of control from cards at the base of the screen. Every unit has diverse expenses relying upon how great they are. In this post we able to download Medals of War v1.5.40 Apk Free Download For Android

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Medals of War v1.5.40 Apk Free Download For Android

Medals of War highlights huge amounts of remarkable units, each with their own particular qualities and shortcomings. Tanks, for instance, are an extraordinary method to dispatch infantry troops, however are frightful against rocket launchers. Regardless, the greater part of your troops will increment in quality as you level them up.

The fundamental new expansion to battle in Medals of War regarding Clash Royale is the ‘dead zone’ in the focal point of the guide. When one player controls the two territories of ‘a dead zone’ at the same time, their base will dispatch rockets at the enemy’s. This can hugy affect course of the fight.

Medals of War is a RTS with extreme battle, that regularly keeps going no longer than three minutes. Its extraordinary illustrations additionally merit unique say, bringing back recollections of Team Fortress 2.

Medals of War is a FREE constant multiplayer fight procedure diversion where you convey and control your Squads in a WW2 Fantasy universe of Warland!

The Best Defense Is An Explosive Offense! Enroll now and battle it out for triumph in strategic battle with constant multiplayer matches to vie for the best position on the planet! Consummate your aptitudes and procedure in strategic WW2 Fantasy fights, where you can control the activities of every one of your armed force squads!

Medals of War is set in a WW2 Fantasy universe of Warland, which is an over-the-top aggressive universe of fighting self-governing armed forces. Send your troops in focused front line battle against different players gifted in strategic military reproductions from around the globe. Including refined RTS gameplay with an abundance of various characters, gear and conditions, Medals of War is a genuinely immersive ordeal. The storyteller and the connection between the extraordinary gameplay activity and this present reality is Flower Adams, a delightful and astute war journalist.

There is an immense wide range of decks to assemble, in view of your strategic decisions. You can pick novel Officers to lead your armed forces and utilize their Powers to walk to triumph and greatness! Players are coordinated against each other in hazardous constant fights where each summon tallies!

Construct an armed force shaped of a few courageous units of different diverse composes, for example, Riflemen, Grenadiers and Tanks. The units are gifted in the particular battle parts of offense and resistance on the front line. All units are upgradeable and with various levels of understanding. Gathering and redesigning different decks of first rate units is the bread and spread of building touchy fight strategies!

The most experienced, fight solidified players can collaborate with individual leaders to frame organizations to take this testing methodology diversion to the following level! Medals of War is a network centered RTS diversion that unites players with their companions for more aggressive, touchy activity. Your goal is to level up, sharpen your military abilities and walk to triumph as the best leader in Warland.

On the war zone, players are coordinated with each other in exceptional PvP battle – progressively! Players are given already inconspicuous control over conveyed units and upheld by compelling requests that can turn the tide of the fight. Find in the fight mode each other’s PvP Medal positions, pick up knowledge about your greatest rivals and utilize it to guarantee your triumph.

Come help to battle for the Warland’s plan, battle against the wicked Renegades by going to week by week challenges called assaults. On the combat zone, you will confront every single new mission and situations, obviously, trailed by every new reward! The assaults change and fluctuate now and again, with every single new goal for you and your armed force. Go up against the test of driving your squads on unique missions with various guide functionalities or restricted time occasions for more edge of the seat activity…

Key Features:

  • Collect and redesign your Army Units to be the best! –
  • Challenge your companions to battle in epic multiplayer Battles! –
  • Select the Squad most appropriate for your methodology and strategies! –
  • Command and control your Units in Battle! –
  • Unleash epic military assaults utilizing your Power! –
  • Turn the tide of the fight by overcoming No Man’s Land! –


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