Monster Legends – RPG APK v7.4.2 Mod Latest For Android

Here is we discussed Monster Legends – RPG APK v7.4.2 Mod Latest For Android. Monster Legends (MOD, Win with 3 stars) – in this addictive diversion you can remake your own city, which will be populated just by monsters that obey just you. You will build up their aptitudes to pump attributes and partake in fights. To do this, you will choose a few monsters into the group, as in the management there is a lead, behind which you will play three monsters against a solid manager. Simply recollect that your adversaries are enhancing, so you can not fall behind them. You will like brilliant illustrations and exceptionally straightforward controls.In this post we able to download Monster Legends – RPG APK v7.4.2 Mod Latest For Android.

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Monster Legends – RPG APK v7.4.2 Mod Latest For Android

Monster Legends Mod  is a straightforward amusement where your point is to gather and train awesome animals of different sorts, which you can likewise advance: red fire-winged serpents, mammoth chimps, huge ocean serpents, and considerably more.

In Monster Legends Mod Apk players must make the perfect environment with the goal that their monsters can live and grow normally. This implies you not just need to make spaces for the monsters to live in, yet in addition, develop structures that will supply assets and nourishment (both of which are fundamental for your monsters to advance).

There are more than 50 one of a kind monsters altogether in Monster Legends, including both essential animals and their more advanced partners. The arrangement of advancement, obviously, is fundamentally the same as that of the Pokemon adventure; that is, as they climb the levels, your monsters can change their appearance and get new capacities.

As is standard with amusements of this sort, you can set your monsters against the those of players from everywhere throughout the world on the web. In these fights, you can attempt to move up in the universal leaderboards.Monster Legends dis a social amusement with a fun tasteful and commence reminiscent of Pokemon. It is certain to be found in the pockets of numerous youthful gamers all over.


– Collect over 400 monsters: New monsters are added to the game every week!
– Breed monsters of different elements and rarities to create cool new species!

– Collect incredible monsters of all types in limited-time events!
– Fight in special events made of wonders and dangers packed with role playing action and unknown monster adversaries.
– Collect treasures and rewards in your quest to glory.

– RPG progression to level up your monsters and power them up forthe battles ahead.
– Your monsters will become stronger as you rank them up in theMonster Lab and equip them with runes!
– Set your monster teams strategically, combining the attackers,tanks and effect monsters that work best together
– Battle games will require strategy and tactics if you want torise to the top of the rankings!

– Duel other Monster Masters in the PvP Mode, earn trophies andclimb up the leaderboards. The higher you are at the end of theseason, the better your rewards!
– Fight in the Multiplayer Mode each season for trophies, rewards,and a chance to reach the Legendary Leagues and become theLegendary Leader!
– The monsters in your Defense Team will need to be strong toprotect your trophies from being stolen by other MonsterMasters.
– Team Wars are the ultimate Multiplayer Games: Join or start ateam, build a strategy with other players and obtain exclusive monsters from the Team Shop!
– Team up with your friends, fight and measure your battle strategy and strength against other players.

– Build a Monster Paradise and fill it with everything you need: breeding Mountain, Habitats, Temples, and more!
– Unlock special spots in the islands, like the Library, the temple of the Guardians, and the Monster Lab!

Are you brave and skillful enough to fight for your chance to become the #1 Monster Master in the world? Find out with monster legends, the action RPG that will put you in charge of a monster empire!


  • NEW! Embark on quests and get countless rewards! Exclusively for the Google Play Monster Legends! Go to the game, tap on the Achievements icon and take on these challenges!
  • Breed to produce fearsome, fighting hybrids and feed to acquire new skills.
  • More than 180 unique Monsters … and new beasts to find every week.
  • Battle head to head in 3 on 3 combat!
  • Choose between Adventure or Arena mode. Test your skills, strategy and stamina to the max!
  • Select your opponents, steal their resources and shield yourself from attacks.
  • Fight your way to the top of the Leaderboard.
  • Unlock treasures as you progress through the Adventure Map – a world of wonders , dangers and unknown Monster adversaries awaits you!
  • Gain vital experience to level up your Monsters.
  • Now you can get the Starter Pack to boost your progress for only $1.99, with an exceptional 98% discount! It includes an Epic monster Musu, Gold, Food and valuable Gems. Don’t miss the chance!
  • Be social. Visit and help your friends out!


  • Get ready to bow before the Warmasters, an exclusive collection of incredibly powerful monsters which will only be available in the new Heroic Dungeons!
  • Collect the new Heroic Orbs to play these Dungeons and get Cells to craft and rank up your Warmaster! You can also get Heroic Orbs at a new section in the game’s Shop.
  • This version also includes a little polishing here and there.


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