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Teslagrad Apk Mod v1.5 (Full Unlocked) Forandroid

Here is we talk about Teslagrad Apk Mod v1.5 (Full Unlocked) For Android, Teslagrad is a 2D bewilder platformer with activity components where attraction and other electromagnetic forces are the way to go all through the amusement, and in this manner find the insider facts kept in the since quite a while ago deserted Tesla Tower. Set out on an experience as a young man furnished with old Teslamancer innovation. Produce your way through the Tesla Tower and conquer the colossal assortment of difficulties and conundrums. In this post we able to download Teslagrad Apk Mod v1.5 (Full Unlocked) For Android

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Teslagrad Apk Mod v1.5 (Full Unlocked) For Android – Free For Every Android Device Fully Modded Version

Teslagrad Mod Apk Free 2018 is a platformer on Android, where you will control a kid who has the old innovation Teslamancer. In this diversion, you are transported to the Kingdom of Electropius, where the ruler battles against an organization of innovative alchemists, who possess an enormous pinnacle amidst the city. Presently your saint needs to experience a considerable measure of tests, investigating the pinnacle and beating various hindrances and impediments in his way. Venture to every part of the hazardous world and utilize your aptitudes and electromagnetic powers that will assist you with uncovering every one of the mysteries.

A hand-drawn attractive riddle

Teslagrad Apk Mod Free Downlaod is a blend of 2D platformer and perplex solver. In the amusement, you play Teslamancer. The kingdom of Elektropia has a well known self-rule ruler, governing the kingdom by power close by. Innovative wizards made a monster Teslagrad tower amidst the city, yet the ruler obliterated the faction. A dull trick has emerged and the Teslamancer gets cleared up, you are furnished with innovation and utilize it to defeat numerous bizarre difficulties. The plot of the diversion is fundamentally visual and visual, not cutscenes or words.


The kingdom of Elektropia is governed by the lord with iron clench hands. He battles and annihilates a gathering of innovative wizards who have their immense pinnacle amidst Teslagrad.


Teslagradare Mod APk very much structured 2D shapes, pictures, and impacts, with more than 100 hand-painted scenes in the exemplary Western way. m bar is taken in the style of Russia, bringing another experience, more appealing. Everything in the amusement is portrayed more often than not, discovering the story in the diversion will expect you to think and play a ton. The guide is wide, so how about we investigate and investigate. In the amusement won’t indicate much since you simply move so the moderate showcase will expand the diversion zone that players encounter.

Teslagrad Apk Mod

Teslagrad Apk Mod

n the Kingdom of Elektropia, a ruler rules with an iron clench hand, fighting and crushing a group of mechanical wizards who have an enormous pinnacle amidst the city named Teslagrad.

Teslagrad is fundamentally a 2D astound platformer which accompanies different activity components where you can move all through the diversion with the assistance of electromagnetic and other attractive forces. You can find the insider facts that have been for some time covered up in the pinnacle of Tesla. You can set out on a brave voyage as a young man who is equipped with the Teslamancer innovation. With the assistance of the considerable number of forces put resources into you in the amusement, you are required to defeat the different difficulties and challenges in the diversion while fashioning your way through the surrendered Tesla tower


  • The primary highlights of the amusement include:
  • It has a one of a kind workmanship style alongside hand-made designs.
  • The interactivity is a creative one.
  • You have to pay just once while downloading the diversion on your gadget.
  • You can likewise profit the help of outer controllers.
  • The diversion additionally accompanies FPS and haptic open alternatives.

This diversion has officially won more than 1.6 million hearts when it was first discharged in the PC. The Android adaptation diversion is far better. Download our Teslagrad Hack and appreciate playing the diversion with all highlights!

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Developer: Playdigious
Price: €4,99
  • Teslagrad Screenshot
  • Teslagrad Screenshot

Download Teslagrad Apk Mod Free For Android